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Historical pictures and old postcards of Rockelstad

Gothic chamber
medieval characteristics in the Gothic chamber (guest wing top floor).

gustavian Anteroom in Guest wing
The gustavian Anteroom in the Guest wing bottom floor.

Lower hall of Rockelstad at von Rosenís time
Lower hall in the castle at von Rosenís time. Spanish cabinet, 16th century.

Rockelstad Castle front about 1930
Castle front about 1930.

Upper hall of Rockelstad Castle at von Rosenís time
Upper hall of the Castle at von Rosenís time. The room worked as a museum.

Lower hall of the Castle. Furniture still intact today
Lower hall of the Castle. Furniture still intact today.

The Anteroom of Rockelstad castle at von Rosenís time
The Anteroom of the castle at von Rosenís time.

The counts writing cabin in the southwest tower of Rockelstad
The counts writing cabin in the southwest tower. Interiors by Ivar Tengbom with panels and star-shaped ceiling in Vasa-renaissance.

Saint Bridget chapel at Rockelstad
Countess Mary von Rosenís Chapel of Saint Bridget. The room was remade in 1909 to a stiff meditation room by architect Ivar Tengbom. On the high part of the wall, some of saint Bridget's revelations are painted.


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